Green Team

Green Team Raises Awareness of Climate Change Through Artwork

 The Woodbrook Green Team is trying to raise awareness of climate change in the Woodbrook community.  Woodbrook Art Teacher Mrs. West, donated leftover art materials and the students created recycled art symbolizing the effects of climate change.  

Students depicted the problems of air pollution, rising sea waters, drought, and rising earth temperatures.  The student artwork is on display at Woodbrook.

These pictures represent some of the things the students are working on to protect and save the Earth



Woodbrook Green Team

The Green Team is a district activity and is a club that is made available to every school in the district. Its mission is to “say yes to less.” 

We are encouraging everyone to “Say Yes to Less!” Try in your everyday actions to use less energy by turning off the lights, use less water by not running your sprinkler daily, put less items in the landfills by recycling, use less gasoline by riding your bike, and reduce the amount of “things” that you purchase. Get the idea? Brainstorm how you and your family can make a difference by saying Yes to Less!