Talent Show

Woodbrook Talent Show - May 24 at 8:30 a.m.


Thank you so much for sharing your talented children with us this week! What a great turn-out! We truly wish we could have included ALL of your kiddos but due to a two-hour time limit we are unable to showcase every single act. 


Please let your child know what a joy it was to watch them audition and for those students who didn't make it, please encourage them to try again next year! 

Also, know these were not easy decisions for us!


You are welcome to address Sheryl Sell with any questions or concerns. sherylado@yahoo.com


This is a favorite event at Woodbrook and we look forward to the big show on May 24th!  Thank you again for all your hard work!




Sheryl Sell & Erin Barrett




2017 Woodbrook Talent Show Participants

Acts are listed in performance order:

  1. Emmaline Colvin - Vocal and Tap - Seize the Day
  2. Chelsea Bennett & Emily Smith - Dance - "Confident/Love is the Name"
  3. Cassie Kelly - Irish Dance 
  4. Grant Garner and Blake Durfliner - Pogo Clowns - "Clowning Around"
  5. John Fama - Sports Comedy
  6. Charlotte Andrews- Violin
  7. Mitchell Mulloy, Drew Norris, Jonah Austin, Will Keen, LJ Shrieve, Kent Fujita - 5th Grade Boys Glow in the Dark Dunk
  8. Bang - Naima Kamikura, Jayda Just, Kiyana Kamikura 
  9. Liv Barrett - Vocal Solo - You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
  10. Jennifer Hu - piano solo
  11. Olivia Zangrilli, Ruby Crosby, Victoria Irizarry - Woodbrook Cheer
  12. Molly Deam - Tumbling - Baby One More Time
  13. Story Hughes, Anjali Devarakonda, Anjalee Warwood, Evelyn Valier-Harris - Fight Song 
  14. Molly Keen - Vocal Solo - How Far I'll Go
  15. Charlie and Sophie Mock - Vocal Duet - Anything You Can Do
  16. Megan Munson- ukulele to "In The Jungle" 
  17. Lauren Campbell, Luci Vandenbosch, Liv Barrett, Lauren Brady, Tess Euler, Maggie Miller, Evelyn Sell, Lilliana Cate, Riley Alderman, Anna Strines, Gigi Delaby, Dana Dues, Jill Callahan, Ellie Egger, Phoebe Maniaci, Kate Brady - 3rd grade - Dr. Seussizzle Fo Rizzle
  18. Rachel Zhou - piano solo
  19. Katy Smith - dance solo - "Flashlight"
  20. Connor Alderman - drum solo - "Left Hand Free"
  21. Ruby Sell- Vocal Solo - The Climb
  22. Hope Elshire - Hoola Hoop
  23. Chantal Newhouse, Madeline McCrory, Joy Hohne - Violin solo with dancers
  24. Chase Blastick, Maya Cunningham, Sophia Landrigan - Dance/Acro - Bad Blood
  25. Vivian Scull - Guitar Solo - Star Wars
  26. Cassie Kelly, Mia Fleming, Jossi Sorg, Riley Putnam - "Dark Horse" - Glow in the Dark Dance
  27. Alana Owens accompanied by Ella Rainbolt - Vocal Solo - "Cups"
  28. Nava Gold - American Sign Language performance - "Waiting for the World to Change"
  29. Elliott Sell, Spencer Sell, Cal Carmichael, John Zangrilli, Gavin Fleming - Song and Dance - Jackson 5
  30. Matthew Du - Piano Solo - "Rhapsody"
  31. Lily Guntz & Marissa Halle  - Dance Mash up
  32. Melaina Munson - Gymnastics - "The Next Step"
  33. Elias Davis - Vocal Solo - "Trust in You"
  34. Elise Maurer, Angelina Johnson - Dance Duet - "No"
  35. Ella Rainbolt - Dance Solo - "Hey Jude"
  36. Emmersen Cate - Vocal Solo - "Once I Was 5 Years Old"
  37. Christopher Shaffer - Drum Solo - Green Day "Basket Case"
  38. Rachel Dawson, Kori Dues, Kayden Dierks, Katy Smith, Emersyn Weaver - 5th Grade Girls - "What Time Is It?"