West Clay Elementary is fortunate to have parents and families volunteer their time and talents to enrich our students' learning experiences.  West Clay Elementary welcomes all parent volunteers. 

All volunteers must have a criminal history background check done prior to volunteering at school. If you are a new volunteer to West Clay, please make certain you have a completed Criminal History Background Check on file. To obtain this report, please log onto your myCCS account and follow the steps listed.  If you have multiple children who attend multiple schools in Carmel, you only need one criminal background report.  Background checks are $17.95, but are recognized for five school years. Your child's school administration will be contacted when the criminal background report is complete.  Volunteers must also watch the bullying video before volunteering.  The link is in myCCS.  Once West Clay has been notified of the completion of your background check by Background Investigation Bureau (BIB), you will receive notification of this.