What is a Student Services Coordinator?

What is the Student Services Coordinator?

A Student Services Coordinator is very similar to a school counselor. A Student Services Coordinator is a specially trained staff member who provides guidance and support to all students.

What are the qualifications of a Student Services Coordinator?

A Master’s of Social Work (MSW) degree, as well as LSW (licensed social worker).  Knowledge of various elementary school programs, including curriculum, special programs and intervention processes is also required.

What does a Student Services Coordinator do?

Help students develop a positive attitude toward school and learning. Specific roles might include:

 Help students develop positive relationships with peers, parents, teachers and families

Help students improve various social skills, such as coping strategies and friendship skills

Help students deal with personal concerns, crises, school-related problems, home and family concerns, friendship issues and any other issue that interferes with learning

Plan and implement a variety of programs and activities to enhance the personal, social and emotional development of students

Act as a liaison for parents, teachers and students

Act as a resource for parents interested in general education curriculum and interventions, special education, Challenge and Honors testing, standardized testing, and the general well-being of all students   

How can a student be referred to the Student Services Coordinator?

 Self-referral (request slip)

Teacher referral

Parent referral

Administrative referral

Special services referral

Peer referral