Flower Sale



Orders will be taken until March 31, 2017 -- and delivered May 9, 2017!

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Time for the West Clay Annual Flower Sale

Flowers will be delivered Tuesday, May 9th - Just in time for Mother's Day which is May 14th.

Flowers will NOT be sent home with kiddos on the bus.  Please make arrangements to pick them up between 11am->6pm


The following pictures aren't "exactly" what you will get - but they are close.


Annual Planters

10 Inch Terra Planter

TOP SELLER & Best Value -20 inch Terra Planter

24inch Window Box

19inch Metal Washtub -

14 inch Combo Bowl

14 inch Zonal Geranium (pink or violet) shown in violet

3 Gallon Geranium (red or violet) shown in violet


Hanging Baskets

Petnunia (mini) Million Bells Mixed

Petunia Trailing Wave (Blue/Dark) or (Mixed)

Ivy Geraniums (Red *shown or White) 

  Boston Daisy

 Begonia Red/Green leaf

Boston Fern  (Awesome for covered porches) 

Annual Flats

 Vinca (red or white) 

 Dahlia - mixed  **Best Selling Flat!

Giant Zinnia - mixed 


Petunia (mixed, double pink) 

Impatiens (mixed, violet, pink, white)

Marigold - Mixed


Marigold - Orange